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Why girls go after the guys that are taken

April 4, 2004 by admin

This guy discovered that girls started sending him looks, after he cut his hair. He says that that didn’t happend the last time he cut his hair…

My boyfriend told me that he was at a party last nigth. He don’t usaly get hit on by women, but this time a girl was tuching his bum, confessing “she could not resist”.

The only things changed both thise times was: Both Ian and my boyfriend was dating somone. it’s a invisable mark on a man when he’s dating, that we women sees. The whole point of this mark was offcourse to show other girls that he’s taken,and they should keep their hands off.

Why do guys wearing a wedding ring atract the most girls?

Easy: A man wearing a weddingring, or other marks from a girl, has pased the tests. He is tested and “aproved”.
It’s a bit like those stamps saying “best buy” or “gucci”. We trust eacother in that way

Lazy(smart?) girls(there is a milion R’n B songs about them), not daring or bothering findig (and testing) their own men, just try taking (stealing) somone elses boyfriend.

Single? Try take the neigthbors baby for a walk, all the sit-coms talk of this pheomena. And they are not lying.

(Hixie: this entry was in english for your sake only, so try not to comment my mispellings)

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