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less that 12 houers to go

April 11, 2004 by admin

This post is now closed for comments, anything importat you have to share: mail me and i’ll add it to the comments.

I don’t make changes to my blog just becouse some men, og TG-attendents, or Demosceeners feel insulted by the fact that i worte about a bad thing happening at TG04. It did happend, and deleting, changing my blog (yes my blog not yours) will not change it. If by deleting my blogpost would make The gathering a better place, i will. So far: no. Not heard one sensible argument.
And : can you see “demoscene ” in my blog?

For those looking for my posting: it’s futher down. but i do suggest reading view of the happening, it puts it in perspective.

and the y managed to fuck it up. God dam assvipes made a movie , of a closeup of all the girls here, a closeup of their tits and ass. not their brains. I hate the world they make. And i hate the fact that sex is in the end all that seams to count.
It was to much to hope for. 5 days running around with fellow geeks, doing geeky stuff. I dont think i want to go back here, and now i just want to go home, damb brats. now there is not female geeks here anymore. but girls, and doubt not for a secound that they are here for your pleasure only. fucking assholes. and they are still here. they did not get kicked out. and i doubt they will be. Dam shame, it could have been fun beeing a geek here. but i think ill just stay away.

yea and i do not advice andy other girls going there. the boys came into the showers to. woho for personal hygene. its 05:47, im pissed off, cant sleep , and my grammar and spelling is a bit out of here. If i care ill write a complaint to the TG people, asking them not to let such behavior be accepted, but i probably won’t.

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